This Mitu and very fond of making new food recipe and trying something analytical comparison between foods.
Spicy Spagetti Recipe

Spicy Spagetti Recipe

Spagetti is a type of pasta that is long, thin, and cylindrical in shape. It is a staple in Italian cuisine and is popular worldwide. The pasta is made from durum wheat semolina, although variations can include whole wheat or…

Liquid Cocaine Drink

Liquid Cocaine Drink Recipe

Indulge your taste buds with the Liquid Cocaine drink. This versatile and customizable shot blends the bold flavours of Jägermeister, overproof rum, and a choice of peppermint or cinnamon schnapps. This spirited concoction offers a thrilling fusion of sweet, bitter,…

Chicken Gizzard vs Liver

Chicken Gizzard vs Liver: Which One Is Best?

Unveil the culinary secrets of chicken gizzards and livers as we embark on a journey from texture to taste. The curious debate of chicken gizzard vs liver has intrigued food enthusiasts for ages, and we’re here to unravel the savory…

Chapati vs Naan

Chapati vs Naan: A Comprehensive Comparison

Are you ready for a battle of flavours and textures? In the epic competition of Chapati vs Naan, two pieces of bread beloved in Indian cuisine, we’ll dive deep into a comprehensive comparison to determine the ultimate winner. Chapati, a…

Sour Milk vs Buttermilk

Sour Milk vs Buttermilk: What’s The Difference?

Are you wondering what to do with leftover milk that’s gone sour? Look no further! In this article, we present to you the battle between two tangy dairy contenders: sour milk versus buttermilk. It’s time to transform those spoiled cartons…

Cereal vs Oatmeal

Cereal vs Oatmeal: Which is the Superior Breakfast?

Cereal and oatmeal make for healthy breakfast options, but oatmeal might be the better choice for weight loss due to its high fibre content, which helps you feel fuller for longer and reduces the desire to overeat. Additionally, oatmeal is…

Yellow Cake vs Pound Cake

Yellow Cake vs Pound Cake: Which Delights More?

Yellow Cake and Pound Cake are two different types of cake with distinct characteristics and ingredients. Yellow cake has a lighter texture and is made with ingredients such as yellow cake mix, eggs, oil, and flavourings like lemon or vanilla…